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Structural Realities is a limited partner comprised of two highly qualified, talented individuals that between them have over 75 years of experience in the construction industry.

Kevin Beck after graduating cum laude from Harvard University chose to venture to Southern California to learn the building trades from the ground up. He became an expert carpenter well versed in all aspects of construction obtaining his contractors license some thirty-eighty years ago creating his first successful development project at the age of twenty-four.

Steve Weinstock chose a rather different path traveling to New Zealand to avail himself of new and different experiences in other parts of the world..Steve then returned to his native Southern California, Malibu, and began his journey from apprentice to master carpenter to contractor as well.

Kevin and Steve created their Structural Realities partnership some twenty-two yeas ago and have been working together uninterrupted ever since. One of their most notable projects together was the complete renovation of a 1929 house they purchased in Santa Monica, 2222 Washington Ave. After navigating their way through the difficult Santa Monica Building Dept. they created an extremely unique residence. They sold this project for a record breaking dollars per square foot price on a 5000 sq.ft. lot at the time of its sale.Their project was of such high quality that in one of the worst housing markets in Santa Monica history they were on and off the market in three months time. 

Attention to detail and the highest quality craftsmanship are their trademarks.
Please find here in this website a few examples of their exceptional work.